You know that feeling, when a loved one is so close but yet far? That persistent desire where you badly want to be close to someone but there are so many factors that put limitations on the relationship. You know what they say; a healthy relationship can be establish if the parties involved are willing to invest time and effort into it.

As Christians, our relationship with God depends on how far we are willing to get close to Him, because God doesn’t force His will on us. The good news is that: we have a father and a friend in God, and He is ever ready to draw close to us, if we are willing to surrender to Him.

The devil can make us weak spiritually, to the extent that, we lose the desire and strength to reaching out for God or we become indifferent about the things of God. There have been times in my life, where I did spiritual checkups and realize that there was something missing in my walk with God, those are times I immediately ask the Holy spirit to deliver me from any form of limitations ,revive and increase the first love zeal to yearn for my heavenly Father.

The decision depends on you, if you want to restore the broken fellowship with God. Just like the prodigal son in Luke 15: 11-32, he made a decision to turn back to his father and having a father who no matter the depth of your mistakes, is willing to accept you just as you are. God has His arms always widely open to give you that warm welcome.

No matter how far you have gone, Jesus has already paid for your journey back to God. God is not surprise by your mistakes and He hasn’t given up on you yet, so therefore take that intentional step to turn back to Him and He will see you through your comeback journey.

Mind you, the decision to turn back to God will definitely be fought by the devil, the devil will never make that choice easy. He will distract you, just to ensure that you either loose interest or keep you desiring but not taking any significant steps in drawing close to God.

With The help of the Holy Spirit, turn away from the fleeting pleasures of sin, break loose from the weakness of the flesh, resist the temptation of the devil, and he will flee. And don’t be deceived, acknowledgement of your mistakes(sins) is a step but turning away from it in true repentance is the real deal.

Pray with Me
My Lord and Heavenly Father thank you for your love and mercies towards me, Father I acknowledge I have gone far from you and I pray you restore to me the joy of my salvation and renew the right Spirit within me. Holy Spirit,please influence my decisions in Jesus’ name. AMEN


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