Only if we pray and intercede for our neighbor’s flaws instead of discussing with others and criticizing them. Imagine if we could sincerely correct and guard in love instead of mocking and looking down on others mistakes.

Being a Christian doesn’t make us a super-human but rather, it is an attempt to be like Jesus Christ, but whiles at it, we make mistakes. Our human desires can get the best part of us to the extent that we lose control.                                                            

Proverbs 24 :16 Even if good people fall seven times, they will get back up. But when trouble strikes the wicked, that’s the end of them.

As Christians we can never be perfect for the bible says: our righteousness are like filthy rugs before God, but grace will always abound                                                                                                           

Romans 5: 20 The Law came, so that the full power of sin could be seen. Yet where sin was powerful, God’s kindness was even more powerful.

Before you discuss and criticize the flaws of people, please ensure that you have discuss it with God first, and if the discussion has been done with God then there is no need for any third party who has no business with the matter at hand. It is so easy to see and criticize people’s mess, other than ours

Sometimes we don’t know the magnitude of damage the words we utter about people cause them. Demeaning statements can break a person and cause them to lose themselves. Let the words that comes out of our mouth minister grace. Remember no matter how messy someone is, God still love them unconditionally, for God loves the sinner but hate the sin.

Be mindful that your little action wouldn’t be the reason why someone will be driven away from God. Let keep this in mind; Yes, are Christians but we are human and we are bound to make mistakes BUT so far as we are trying to be godly with the guidance of the Holy spirit, God is pleased with us. Pray and advise us in love but don’t criticize and judge us. (For who are you to judge)

And truly you are born-again Christian, you have to allow yourself to be influence by the Holy spirit and you should always use grace abounds as an excuse to continue sinning. For with every sin there is a consequence and you shall sure give account to every action, if you don’t truly repent.

Father, your word says if we confess our sins, you are just and faith to forgive and cleans us, Father may You lose us from our sins and we pray for the grace to see You in others other than criticizing and writing them off. May every word that comes out of our mouth minister grace and may our presence in people’s lives impact them positively. In Jesus’ name. AMEN Be Christfulness

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