Be Reminded Of The Prime Mover

Just like Nehimiah in the bible, you are being mocked, confused and judged for an assignment God has laid on your heart. The devil can make you feel so over whelm that you begin to doubt if God has really given you that assignment.

The fact that God has laid a vision on your heart, doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy seal. Nehemiah 2: 1-20

God has to groom and take you through the processes and systems concerning your assignment or calling. He has to spiritually and physically prepare you,so you can build a stamina to handle and be faithful to the assignment to the end.

Sometimes the price to be paid in fulfilling your assignment is rejection, hours of prayers and diligently seeking the face of God, falling and raising, confusion, fear etc.,but know that through it all, God will not forsake you and besides,He knows you can handle it because He promised He will not give you more than you can’t handle . The devil will not stop attacking you just because you have heard from God. But be rest assured that the Prime mover will always have your back and you will win.

In the case of Nehemiah, he was 100% sure that God has given him that assignment, the opposition from Sanballat and Tobiah never moved him,even for a minute. After hearing from God concerning his God -given assignment, he braced himself to what lies ahead, keeping it in mind that God is the Prime mover.

To others and sometime yourself, the God-given assignment may sound funny or looks impossible or difficult. But remember once it has been given, it has nothing to do with your emotions because the Prime mover is in charge.

Perhaps you are emotionally drained, because you are focused more on what you can do other than what God has do through you. if you avail yourself wholly, be rest assured that God will not do anything to set you up for shame and failure.

That assignment is meant to influence and accomplish lives, you may not know what exactly you are doing but the Prime mover, has everything figured out and things will begin to fall in place if you continue to trust and obey.

Don’t underestimate the vision, because your seemingly one little act of disobedience can cause catastrophe to an entire generation or a community.

The devil can also deceive you into thinking that if you don’t own up to your assignment, God the Prime mover will appoint someone else to do it, Yes God can, but think of it this way ,why did God appoint you in the first place?,why was the vision and grace given to you such in a time like this Instead of someone else?.

God’s way is definitely not our ways.Avail yourself for God to work through you and believe that the glorious hands of God is on you and He will surely give you success.


Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for divine selection, Father am grateful that You have not given up on me. Lord I pray for forgiveness for all the times I have taken you for granted and ignored your grace over my life, I pray you set me free from the deception of the devil and put me back on course, renew my mind and enlighten my for what lies ahead. This and many more I pray in Jesus’ name Amen.


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